Creamed Honey

Are you tired of traditional honey on your table? Well, it’s time for you to taste creamed honey.
Known as the creme de la creme of raw honey, creamed honey has a luscious texture and powerful nutritional profile. You do not need to make it yourself using raw liquid honey because Sweet Honey already did it for you.

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High Quality Creamed Honey with Different Flavors

Our creamed honey is 100% pure honey. We processed it to control the crystallisation. Since the creaming process produces a product with less than 0.025mm crystal size, this makes that honey appear silky and smooth with a spreadable consistency.

We work hard to ensure that we will take all the goodness of raw honey and then turn it into most luxurious products. You can choose from our creamed honey with a variety of flavours such as Gingerbread Cardamom, Cinnamon, Coffee, Red Currant, Black Currant, Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango, and Lemon.

These desserts can be added to a variety of products. Don’t worry; we ensure that still have all the important benefits of raw honey.

Nutritiously Delicious Creamed Honey

Do you have honey in your kitchen that feels gritty and is crystallised? When this honey naturally hardens or granulates, you will feel little granules to form. This is a natural way to preserve its finest sweeter.

We make creamed honey by blending crystallised or granulated honnet and liquid. The more we spin it, the more stable and creamier it becomes. As we process it in a special way, small sugar crystals are formed instead of large ones. That way, rest assured that your favourite creamed honey will remain easy to spread and creamy.

When compared to liquid honey, creamed honey has no difference in terms of natural antibiotic value, nutrition, and quality. Our products guarantee dreamy and spoon-worthy thickness and texture.

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