Polish Honey

As you probably know, you are what you eat. People nowadays rely more on organic, natural foods rather than processed ones. Because of this it’s no surprise you can find many bee’s and honey products online.

Made by honeybees, honey is a sweet, golden liquid stored in the beehive. Raw honey comes straight from the hive. 100% pure, natural, unprocessed and unpasteurized can be used as food and medicine.

Poland has centuries-old beekeeping tradition and is known to be the top honey producer in Europe. All of our honey products come directly from Polish apiaries..

Our Polish honey is highly valued as a natural food product that any kitchen would benefit from. All of our honey products are rich in enzymes and vitamins. A unique mix that you can’t find in other natural foods.

You can choose from many different varieties named after the plants honey was made from. These varieties include cornflower, phacelia, maple, raspberry, linden, multiflower, dandelion, and many more.

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Most honey products available on the supermarket are processed that involves intense heating. So, these processed honey products contain added sugar. But, not our polish honey!

We make sure that our honey comes straight from the honeycomb and is filtered to remove small bits of debris such as beeswax, pollen, or dead bees’ parts. Our organic polish honey contains a variety of highly beneficial ingredients. Since it does not undergo pasteurization, rest assured that essential elements are still present. These include bee pollen, propolis, vitamins and minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Bee pollen from our polish honey contains antioxidant properties, pain-relieving properties, anti-fungal and antibacterial action, and anti-inflammatory effects. Besides, it also contains vitamins A and C, amino acids, and nutrients like sodium, magnesium, and calcium.

As for the bee propolis, which is the sticky substance used for building beehives, it contains anti-ulcer and anti-cancer actions and is rich in potassium, magnesium, and beneficial enzymes. It also comes with vitamins C and E, and B vitamins.

At Sweet Honey, you can enjoy a wide variety of polish honey products. Check them out!

Essential Information About Our Polish Honeys!

Cornflower Honey

⦁ Made for a relaxing tea because of its soothing properties
⦁ Comes light straw yellow with strong fragrant taste
⦁ Has piercing wildflower aftertaste hints
⦁ Ideal to be consumed every morning; melt milk, tea or warm water
⦁ Characterized with polyphenol and norisoprenoid contents to assign floral markers
⦁ Utilized as an alternative medication for dermatitis
⦁ Extreme hydroperoxide content and antibacterial activity
⦁ Can be added to calming drinks as it helps with stress, anxiety and depression
⦁ Filled with vitamin C, folic acid and other organic compounds that promote body detoxification
⦁ Regulates pH levels in the blood as it is loaded with mineral salts, calcium, potassium and tannin
⦁ 100% raw, unprocessed, and unpasteurized organic honey
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Contains pectic, flavonoids and anthocyanin
⦁ If taken during ill, cornflower honey lowers the severity of the illness
⦁ Boasts immune-boosting properties that helps fight any infection
⦁ Natural tannin helps in binding properties, making it efficient as medication for wounds
⦁ Prevents bleeding gums or bleeding in open wounds
⦁ Antimicrobial activity has been attributed to phenolic compounds, acidity, osmolity, and viscosity
⦁ Easy to blend with different calming drinks

Goldenrod Honey

⦁ 100% raw and organic goldenrod honey is imported from Poland
⦁ Little buttery flavour and light to medium golden color
⦁ Loved by many honey lovers because of its allergy properties
⦁ Because of the existence of other saps, goldenrod honey can be dark and pungent
⦁ Goldenrod plants are used for making teas and for decorations
⦁ The plants symbolizes good luck or fortune, found along the roads, in meadows, pasture and other areas in Europe
⦁ This golden colored honey comes with a sharp and spicy taste
⦁ Utilized to lower sensitivity to pollen by consuming 1-2 tablespoons of its daily
⦁ A perfect add-on to tea or cereals
⦁ Packed with pollen, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and aromatics
⦁ Crystallises as quick as possible
⦁ The same form as it was in the hive, which means it is unblended, unheated, unpasteurized, unfiltered and unprocessed
⦁ Nearly dim as maple syrup and genuinely delicious
⦁ Easy to spread on toasts
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Be pleased with its distinct and floral attributes and slightly cheesy smell

Raspberry Honey

⦁ Perfect combination of light notes of vanilla with strong note of cantaloupe
⦁ Bright on the nose with buttery appearance
⦁ Lovely aftertaste that starts in a serene climax and ends with mellow sweetness and lasting astringency
⦁ Ideal for tea lovers as it can be mixed with silver needle tea, cherry blossom white bai mudan and peach tea
⦁ Can be paired with different types of cheese like buffalo mozzarella, fresh burrata, and Manouri goat semi-soft whey cheese
⦁ Easy to consume and delivers a series of health benefits like fighting fatigue and stress
⦁ Spread with butter and employ raspberry honey to make sweeten tea, lemonade, or barbeque
⦁ 100% raw, unprocessed, and unpasteurized organic honey
⦁ Serves as an alternative for sugar, making it perfect for kids and athletes
⦁ Has trace elements and minerals like cobalt, iron, copper, and phosphorus as well as loaded with antioxidants
⦁ A broad variety of uses with bold sweetness and delicate undertones
⦁ Offers a smooth texture with no preservatives added
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ With delicious taste, scented with floral scent, and pale yellow colour
⦁ Ideal for people who love sweets
⦁ Satisfying aroma of cocoa butter and berry-forward finish

Maple Honey

⦁ Pure and non-pasteurized maple honey
⦁ Can be poured over pancakes, waffles, French toasts, doughnuts, cereal or ice cream
⦁ With its pronounced maple taste, maple honey is also great for barbecue and salad dressing
⦁ Adds distinct flavor to milkshakes and can be used to glaze a ham
⦁ The manganese properties helps in improving cholesterol levels
⦁ This honey improves energy production, and fatty acids and cholesterol synthesis, thanks to its manganese content
⦁ Offers a decent amount of zinc that protects artery walls against free radical destruction
⦁ Prevents artery from roughening
⦁ Guarantees blood sugar control
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Healthier option to improve overall health
⦁ Abscisic acid and antioxidant polyphenols enhance sensitivity of the body to insulin
⦁ Health food option and excellent substitute to sugar
⦁ Contains antioxidant polyphenols that come with ant-cancer properties
⦁ 100% all-natural honey that is derived from maple blossoms
⦁ Combines maple and honey, which are two of the finest sugar of nature
⦁ Takes coffee and tea to a whole new level of unique taste and aroma
⦁ Used as a topping or sauce on variety of desserts
⦁ Serves as a delectable garnish
⦁ Has a distinct maple tone and mouth-watering appearance scent

Mountain Honey

⦁ 100% gluten-free and has no lactose or GMOS
⦁ Ideal for elderly people, athletes and kids
⦁ Satisfying sense of classiness
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Eco-friendly production and guaranteed super quality of standards
⦁ Grown and harvested in a natural environment that promises ecological standards
⦁ When added to herbal tea, mountain honey helps in relieving cough
⦁ Effective in regulating and stimulating digestive system
⦁ A great source of energy and has diuretic and hepaprotective effect
⦁ Delicious mountain honey with light to dark amber shade
⦁ Hints of fruits and berries and delicate floral sweetness
⦁ Comes from bees nursing trees, shrubberies and plants in the mountains
⦁ Most natural honey as mountain honey has not been processed, pasteurize or heated
⦁ Includes flavonoids and phenolic acids
⦁ Loaded with antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, cardio-protective, and antiviral properties
⦁ Protects health and keeps everyone strong and active
⦁ Perfect blend of honeydew honey and nectar honey
⦁ Becomes light brown, brightens and crystallizes very quickly
⦁ Improves blood circulation in the body
⦁ Strong-flavoured and very delightful honey for daily use
⦁ Never diluted or mixed with fillers, simply 100% pure and natural

Phacelia Honey

⦁ Perfect for baking and cooking or flavour enhancer
⦁ Nothing is artificial as pharcelia honey is 100% organic, soy-free, dairy-free and non-GMO
⦁ Has diuretic effect that eliminates waste chemicals from body cells
⦁ Used to treat different skin tissue damage like burns and rashes
⦁ Has disinfectant and skincare effects that can cure skin surface infections whiteheads/blackheads, acne and skin discolouration
⦁ Offers subtle taste and soft lemony scent
⦁ Has antiseptic properties and rich with vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, and C
⦁ Detoxifies the body and has ant-inflammatory effects
⦁ Can be used as natural skin care product to get rid of chemical-based beauty items
⦁ Phacelia honey has small amounts of calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and sulphur
⦁ Helps in strengthening the immune system while getting rid of toxins
⦁ Features a lemon-like taste and scent, making it ideal as flavouring for teas and other drinks
⦁ Daily consumption of phacelia honey is a fantastic part of a healthy diet
⦁ Slow crystallisation process to develop fine crystals that makes it look creamy
⦁ Has greater fructose content and pleasantly flavoured
⦁ Helps avoid inflammation and improves the body
⦁ Simple to digest, making it ideal for people who have weaker stomachs
⦁ Very light yellow to brown colour
⦁ Cream- or butter-like colour when crystallised

Multiflower Honey

⦁ Also called as polyflora honey or wildflower honey
⦁ 100% raw, unprocessed, and unpasteurized organic honey
⦁ Has been cultivated from wildflower meadows and trees on organic land in Poland
⦁ A wonderful substitute to sugars and sweeteners, which is loved by kids and adult alike
⦁ The nourishing properties are good on the skin
⦁ Helps in stomach, heart and intestinal ailments with regular use
⦁ Has antibacterial effects and fights anemia and allergies
⦁ Has light to dark color brown with mild flavour
⦁ Gathered from wide array of crops, flowers and herbs
⦁ Medical properties that are helpful in treating skin-related concerns, including acne, pimples, sun burn, blackhead and among others
⦁ Acts an organic, natural moisturizer that can lock moisture to skin
⦁ With its therapeutic effects, multiflower honey helps to treat different skin problems
⦁ The antibacterial properties stop itching, rashes and swelling
⦁ As a saturated agent, this honey is loaded with natural antioxidants like glucose and fructose
⦁ Rich in vitamins, proteins and amino acid necessary for keeping the skin healthy and youthful
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Acts as natural shield against harmful UV rays and can treat sunburn while restoring your skin faster
⦁ Composed of different properties because of its pollens coming from variety of botanical plants
⦁ Lessens the effects of too much nervous tension
⦁ Has a small amount of hypnotic effect
⦁ Regulated the presence of different allergens in the body without any side effect
⦁ Crystallises very quickly resulting to thick and smooth texture and mild taste

Lime Honey

⦁ Unpasteutized, untreated, and unheated lime honey
⦁ No additives to restore all essential vitamins, nutrients, minerals and enzymes
⦁ Light sweet flavour with hints of lime, mint and wood
⦁ Offers a very pleasant scent of silver lime
⦁ Used to naturally treat inflammation of gastrointestinal tract, kidney and gall bladder
⦁ Has the highest anti-inflammatory effect
⦁ Has an antibacterial and expectorant effects
⦁ Used to treat different ailments such as sore throat, colds, laryngitis and asthma
⦁ Lime honey removes phlegm in the throat, thanks its astringent properties that are effective in breaking down the sticky mucus
⦁ With its hydrogen peroxide content, this honey can lessen the growth of bacteria
⦁ Features natural tonic that boosts energy levels while enhancing both mood and appetite
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Low moisture characteristic and naturally thick consistency deliver soothing and calming effect
⦁ On an empty stomach, take this honey to enhance digestion and relieve stomach discomfort or stomach irritation
⦁ Helps get rid of acne breakouts, irritation and redness
⦁ Offers sweetness and fragrant scent with a bit of astringency and perceptible bitter aftertaste
⦁ Very rich flavour and has a light balsamic, minty, hay, and woody notes
⦁ As the colour transform overtime, it turns to pale yellow or whitish yellow
⦁ Deliciously sweet that can add twist to favourite drinks or desserts

Rapeseed Honey

⦁ As rapeseed honey is not that sweet, most honey lovers prefer this honey
⦁ Has smooth and creamy texture along with white, ivory colour
⦁ The scent is reminiscent of that rapeseed blooms
⦁ Perfect mix of low sweetness and intermediate taste intensity
⦁ Delicately heavy yet slightly floral
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
⦁ The pollen in rape honey has small amount of immune-modulating effect necessary for stimulating the response of immune system
⦁ Has a small amount of zinc and sodium
⦁ Rich in dietary mineral such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium
⦁ Acts as natural face mask that helps in getting rid of uneven skin tone
⦁ Wonderful exfoliating agent, thanks to its consistency
⦁ Apart from energizing effect, this honey also stops fatigue and low sugar level
⦁ As a monofloral honey, this honey is made mostly from pollen and nectar of rape flowers
⦁ 100% raw, unprocessed, and unpasteurized organic honey
⦁ Has ulcer-treating properties, antioxidants, and therapeutic effects
⦁ Quick crystallisation period with distinct attributes like sweet yet peppery flavour
⦁ Delivers a white, creamy, and luscious smooth texture
⦁ Perfect companion of warm tea and toasts because of its natural sweetness

Dandelion Honey

⦁ Ideal on bread because of its rich texture
⦁ Can lessen gastric juice acidity by 56%
⦁ Helpful to fight gastric, intestinal, gall bladder, kidney and liver diseases
⦁ Strong flavour together with a bit of sweetness and refreshing aftertaste
⦁ Has a decent amount of antibacterial properties
⦁ Keeps liver and gall bladder function normal
⦁ Can heal wound and promote faster recovery from respiratory infections
⦁ The hepatoprotective effects as the dandelion plant
⦁ Loaded with essential vitamins and dietary minerals such vitamins C and B, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron
⦁ Offers restorative and tonic properties, thanks to its natural sugar value and nutritional content
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Restores appetite while increasing energy levels
⦁ Good source of antioxidants
⦁ Offers a strong dandelion-like, woody, light vinegary, and herbal notes
⦁ Has a slight sweetness and persistent fragrance
⦁ Brownish-yellow to vivid golden-yellow colour along with rapid crystallisation period
⦁ A monofloral honey as it is mainly composed of dandelion nectar and pollen
⦁ Good source of dietary minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, natural sugars, and pollen
⦁ Widely used for different skin problems
⦁ Has mild diuretic and prebiotic properties

Forest Honey
also knows as Honeydew Honey

⦁ Used as a natural sweetener for cooking and baking
⦁ Offers great nutritional value through essential vitamins and minerals
⦁ Makes good in different refreshments or drinks like coffee and tea
⦁ 100% raw honey with broad spectrum of botanicals and tree nectars
⦁ Has a light brown to yellowish-brown colour along with aroma of wildflowers and mild taste
⦁ Organic, raw and unprocessed forest honey loved by many honey tasters
⦁ Cultivated and harvested from meadows, fields, and forests in Poland
⦁ Compared to flower honey, this honeydew honey has less glycaemic index which makes it a guilt-free way to enjoy sweet and healthy food
⦁ Drinking organic forest honey along with tea can soothe sore throat, thanks to its antibacterial and low-moisture content
⦁ The antioxidant properties are effective in fighting oxidative stress and avoid cells damages
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Acts as a wonderful energy booster due to good amount of sugars
⦁ Offers an instant energy while preventing hypoglycaemic states
⦁ With regular use, the antibacterial properties stop acne breakouts
⦁ A great natural face mask that removes blackheads and unclog pores
⦁ Has slight astringent notes and sometimes slight bitter hint
⦁ May have warm-spicy, caramel, resin, and malty flavour notes
⦁ When pigment is darker, the honey has more aroma in terms of smell and taste
⦁ Has a slightly sweet and medium taste intensity
⦁ The warm, woody and resinous aroma is combined with different notes

Buckwheat Honey

⦁ 100% raw, unprocessed, and unpasteurized organic honey
⦁ A great sugar alternative in tea, coffee and other beverages
⦁ Can be mixed with blue cheese and pears
⦁ Another good ingredient for cooking pork, beef and poultry and even for making barbecue sauces
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Rich in mineral content and antioxidant compounds
⦁ Features an opaque color and molasses-like earthy flavour along with aromatic notes of bitter-caramel, toffee, and dates
⦁ Good source of hydrogen peroxide
⦁ The low-moisture content and low pH level helps to avoid acne breakouts
⦁ Has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action
⦁ Buckwheat honey acts a natural mild cough suppressant, thanks to its dense texture and antimicrobial agents
⦁ Promotes faster recovery from infection
⦁ Good source of vitamin C, potassium, magnesium and calcium, which are essential for good health and are extremely bioavailable
⦁ Due to its powerful aroma, buckwheat honey can make every dish more mouthwatering
⦁ Made from nectar and pollen of buckwheat flowers
⦁ Offers a relaxing effect on mucous membranes and an effective relief for cold symptoms and flu
⦁ Heals in healing and recovering after respiratory ailments

Heather Honey

⦁ 100% natural, unprocessed and organic heather honey imported from Poland
⦁ Offers a special and appealing flavour when mixed with yoghurt or used as a topping on ice cream or waffles
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Has thick consistency and strong taste, which are loved by most connoisseurs
⦁ Offers a warm, smokey and full-bloodied toffee palate with hints of coffee and plum notes
⦁ Offers tangy aftertaste along with malty, floral, and deep finish
⦁ With its culinary value, heather honey suits different dishes especially on cheese and nuts
⦁ This semi-set and dark honey delivers a floral, warm, woody yet intense floral aroma that reminds of polish highlands
⦁ Delivers high nutritional value, making it effective for stimulating the body
⦁ Promote urinary and digestive health through antis-septic and anti-inflammatory properties
⦁ Lowers cholesterol levels and with high number of antioxidants, it fights against free radicals to avoid ageing while improving overall health
⦁ Has antibacterial and anti-microbial agents that can treat wounds, infections, and among others
⦁ Had great levels of phenolic necessary for preventing cell damage and fighting illnesses like heart disease and cancer
⦁ Normally dark amber boasts an orange hint
⦁ Harvested from purple bell-shaped heather flower

Acacia Honey

⦁ Clear, yellowish or greenish colour along with aroma that is the same to the scent of acacia flower
⦁ 100% natural and organic
⦁ Can be used as sweetener, flavour enhancer, and cooking ingredient
⦁ Has least pollen content to make acacia honey to be least allergenic
⦁ Entirely composed of carbohydrates and sugars, making it effective for regaining strength and helping in hypoglycaemia
⦁ Suggested for type 2 diabetes because of high fructose content
⦁ Natural source of sugars, sweet, and fragrant that suits waffles, crepes, pancakes, tea, coffer, and juices
⦁ More nutritious and healthier than plain sugar or artificial sweeteners
⦁ Does not change the flavour of drinks from which the honey is added
⦁ Features a moderate floral and little sweet flavour
⦁ Has glue, liquid and thick consistency
⦁ Made from pollen of acacia tree flowers
⦁ Has capability to crystallise slowly
⦁ Has energizing effect, antioxidant action, antibacterial properties, healing effect, antiseptic properties, and low pollen content


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