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Royal jelly is a substance produced by bees, called by many the elixir of youth and a means of maintaining vitality for many years. It is impossible to understand the importance of royal jelly to the human body without knowing its basic function in the hive. Find out how royal jelly is made and what properties it has

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Royal Jelly, how it’s made?

It is the secretion from the glands of young worker bees that produce them from the third day of life. There is no doubt that the milk has unique properties and contains many nutrients. This is due to the observation of bees. The queen bee, fed exclusively on royal jelly, lives up to 40 times longer than the rest of the bees, which feed mainly on nectar from the flowers. Some of the queens live up to five years, while drones and labourers live from 4 to 6 weeks in summer and 6 months in winter. All bees in the hive are fed royal jelly only in the first 3 days of their lives. During this time their body weight increases 1000 times. There is no doubt that royal jelly is a very nutritious dietary supplement.Royal jelly is a very desirable product, produced in very small doses. Therefore, products available for sale contain royal jelly in a small concentration: as an additive to honey or in capsules in freeze-dried form.

Composition : 3% royal jelly , 5% propolis , 92% rapeseed honey


The Royal Jelly contains

B vitamins,
Vitamins C, D and E,
Amino acids,
Deoxyribonucleic acid,
Acetylcholine (in its natural form it occurs only in royal jelly),


Characeristics of Royal Jelly

Research has shown that royal jelly supports the regeneration of the body, improves metabolism and cleanses. By affecting the pituitary gland, it improves general condition, removes depressive states and balances the nervous system.
The substance has a strengthening effect on the circulatory system. It expands blood vessels and equalizes pressure, so it is used to treat anaemia, hypertension or atherosclerosis.
Royal jelly improves mood – provides energy, fights depressive states, nervous exhaustion and eliminates physical fatigue.
It is also recommended to consume royal jelly by pregnant women, as it reduces the risk of miscarriage. Royal jelly is a very beneficial substance for humans. No matter how much royal jelly you eat, there are no side effects.
Należy jednak pamiętać, że mleczko pszczele nie jest stosowane jako lekarstwo na żadną chorobę, a jedynie jako suplement pomocny w leczeniu suplementu diety.


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    Tasty and health

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    Is just delicious!!!

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    Pyszne i szybka dostawa!

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    Honey is creamy and delicious, I really love it. Thank you for fast dispatch ?

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    Amazing honey,the best which I ever tried.

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    Pyszny, kupiłam pierwszy raz ale napewno nie ostatni.

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    Just delicious.

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    Finezja smaku

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    I never had before so tasty honey… the best product ever

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    Number One honey, healthy, testy the best.

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    It’s amazing! Taste sooo good! Real honey

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    Very nice

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    Absolutely delicious. Prompt delivery. Highly recommended. I will be only buying honey from Sweet Honey & Co. I have recommended as well to my friends. Polish honey is just the best

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    Bardzo delikatny moj ulubiony

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    Pyszny miodek!

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    Super miodek, szczególnie pomocny przy bólu gardła i oczywiście bardzo smakowity. 🙂

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    Bylam w trakcie covida wspomagajaco bralam 1lyzeczke co 2h i naprawde poczulam sie lepiej ma bardzo delikatny smak wlasnie kupilam kolejne dwa jeden dla mojej babci

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    My husband love it, me too x

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    Bardzo dobra i zdrowa kompozycja. Pomaga nam na problemy z gardełkiem.

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    Fantastic taste and value

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    Such a delicious honey and has so many health properties. It is very good value and I will definitely buy it again.

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    Super smaczny

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    Miodziki są wyśmienite !
    Bardzo szybka dostawa! Dziękuję za miły prezencik 🤩

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    Very delicious product.

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    Jest to fantastyczny zestaw , regularnie stosowany poprawia nasza odpornosc , dostarcza naturalnych skladnikow odzywczych a przedewszystkim jest wysokiej jakosci produktem w ofercie firmy Sweet Honey wartym zainwestowania w swoje zdrowie i samopoczucie ❤️ Polecam

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    I have been shopping here for 2 times, I recommend it from the whole heart, fast delivery, honey and other products revelation

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    Lovely honey and very good service!

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    Honey is delicious 😋

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    Tastes good and it is a healthy option

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    Fast delivery and well packaged.

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    Lovely honey and quick delivery

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    This product is insane. Never try anything like this before. Great for my kids.

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    Fadastic honey with amazing flavour

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