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Only the lucky few, whose family or close friends are beekeepers, had the opportunity to sample the honey directly from the honeycomb. Now, thanks to Sweet Honey Co. you too have an opportunity to try this unique flavor.

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In recent years, eating honey in its most natural form, the honeycomb becomes more and more popular. The honey locked in cells of the honeycomb is in its purest, most natural form. Honey’s bio-activity depends on enzymes, hormones, vitamins and microelements. Those substances are very sensitive to spinning, heating, contact with metals, air and incorrect storage. Spinning honey out of the honeycomb makes it gradually loose its nutrients. Honey in the cells of the honeycomb is air-tight and sealed in sterile conditions and won’t lose its properties for many years. This honey is 100% natural, genuine and can’t be counterfeit.
- compared to regular honey, it has more pollen and propolis
- it is biologically-active to its maximum level and supports therapy of many diseases,
works good with traditional medicines and speeds up the body’s regeneration after an illness.
- it’s anti-viral properties help with treatment of cold and flu
- honeycomb honey is a great energy source for the athletes after training
- it helps to regenerate the body after exhausting effort
- it stimulates the normal functioning of the brain, boosts concentration and memory
- improves immunity
- it’s liked by kids. Offer a piece of honeycomb honey to your child in the morning and
you will prevent them from infections and will boost their learning potential
- even though honeycomb honey is quite calorific, it i salso a handy aid in weight
loss. Chewing a small piece of honeycomb satisfies the appetite and helps you ditch
fatty, unhealthy snacks.
- honeycomb honey i salso beneficial for your mout. The wax cleans the teeth from plaque,
strenghtens the gums and helps to prevent periodontitis. When you’re chewing wax cells
filled with honey’s amber goodness, a multitude of active substances is being released.

Thanks to them, the mucous membrane of the mouth is disinfected, micro- wounds heal quicker and gingivitis diminishes. In addition to this, chewing wax massages the gums, stimulating the blood flow. Store at room temperature. Honey shouldn’t be heated over 40 degrees Celcius as toxic substances are being released. Never add honey to boiling hot drinks!. How to eat honeycomb honey? Cut a small piece of honeycomb and chew untill all of the honey is released from the cells. Discard of the remaining wax (it can be swallowed, but it has no taste and isn’t absorbed by the body). Honeycomb honey is the simplest and the oldest way of
eating honey. Looking for a gift idea? Honeycomb honey is a great choice! Give the gift of wellbeing to your family and friends.

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