Rapeseed Creamed Honey 1250g


Creamed rapeseed honey with a distinct floral sweet taste and aroma. The color and flavor of Rapeseed honey can vary depending on the season of harvest and the flowers blooming in the area.
Honey from spring plants has a delicate, mild flavor, while that from the summer season is characterized by a darker color and a distinct taste. Honey is a natural substitute for sugar, a dietary supplement and is a therapeutic agent, used not only for cold conditions

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Creaming honey is the process by which honey retains its liquid consistency and does not crystallize. The form of honey after creaming resembles, by the way, as the name suggests, a thick cream. There are no lumps or crystals in it. As a result, even after a long time after opening the jar, it can be easily taken out and spread on bread.

It is extremely important that honey treated in this way retains all its health properties and remains a high-quality product. In addition, creamed honey looks nicer, is fluffy and does not run off, so we are not in danger of getting stains on our clothes. What’s more, and what may turn out to be a big plus for some, honey in this form does not stick to the hands.

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