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We proudly present our best-selling product our customers are crazy about.We all love it and it should appear in your kitchen as soon as possible. Try it once and you will be back for more – we are sure about it! Try walnuts in acacia honey. If you are looking for a sweet treat to please even the most demanding foodie, let us take you to the world of acacia honey. This golden nectar has the most delicate flavor of all of the honeys – mild, fresh and light. It’s loved by children, older people and anyone who doesn’t like bold, bitter flavours.

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Acacia honey – properties
Richness of natural ingredients and flavour with a multitude of health properties locked in a jar of golden honey. Some of the properties of the acacia honey are:
- great support for the immune system, especially in cold and flu
- powerful anti-bacterial action
- soothing sore throat
- support for the respiratory system
- improving the functioning of digestive system through boosting metabolism
- nourishing the skin
- combating dermatological problems
- working as a diuretic, essential in kidney disease and to flush out bacteria
- can be used by those suffering from type II diabetes
Walnuts - properties
Walnuts are not only very tasty but also very healthy and nutritious. Here are just some of them benefits of this delicious ingredient:
- provides your body with the highest possible dose of precious ALA acid
- support normal functioning of the brain and help with the memory
- is high in magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium
- lowers the level of bad cholesterol
- supports cardiovascular system
We combined those two, delicious and extremely healthy ingredients together – doesn’t that sound great? Walnuts in honey is a must-have in every kitchen.

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