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Linseed oil is a natural, cold-pressed product, with a multitude of uses in the kitchen.It should be only consumed cold. You shouldn’t use it for frying, cooking or heat it up all together. Linseed oil i san extremely versatile product – can be used in salads,cold dishes, in diets, or as a skin and hair oil.




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Linseed oil is produced by cold pressing of linseed (Latin Semen Lini). In the manufacturing process the oil is being pressed out from linseed mechanically in low temperatures. Thanks to that, the oil maintains its natural properties. Linseed oil is an extra virgin product, which means that the seeds are pressed only once and the remaining pulp is used as an animal feed.

Use by date and storage requirements:

Use within 3 months of opening. Store in a cool, dark place (for example in the fridge).


Our cold-pressed linseed oil is made out of carefully selected linseed. We ensure the highest quality of our products by using only the best raw ingredients.


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