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Our natural, fresh, unrefined nigella oil is cold-pressed and thanks to that keeps all its precious nutrients. And nigella oil has an abundance of them. It has a specific, intense flavor, colour and smell. If you try it once, you will remember it for a long time. You’ll either love it or hate it. That’s because nigella oil’s flavour is many times stronger then the flavour of the seeds themselves.

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Nigella sativa is a small plant that in the natural habitat grows in the western part of Asia and the Mediterranean. It is grown for crops in Turkey , Egypt, Irak, Syria and other countries. More and more often it is also grown in Poland. Nigella sativa growing in the wild is thought to be a weed, but we value it highly for its  honey-giving properties and high nutritional values. The plant has been known for  over five thousand years. Its history spans back all the way to ancient Assyrian Empire and Egypt. Inside of the beautiful blue flowers with pointy petals, you will find black seeds with extraordinarily strong flavor and scent. The aroma intensifies after the seeds are crushed.Nigella is used in the kitchen more often nowadays. You can eat the seeds whole, ground or pressed. It has always been used as an ingredient boosting the overall flavor of the dish. In the past Nigella sativa has been used in Poland as a substitute for more expensive, far Eastern spices. Sharp, spicy, flavour enhances cooked dishes, cheese, bread, meat and kimchi or sauerkraut. Often nigella can substitute well known pepper. Nigella oil can even be used to make liqueur or even sweets.

Cold-pressed nigella oil – use:

Cold-pressed nigella oil should be only consumed cold. It shouldn’t be heated up, used for frying or cooking. It is a wonderful add-on to barley or grits, potatoes, salads, fresh vegetables and homemade juices. Because nigella oil is quite intense, it can be combined with a more neutral one if a dish requires more oil to be added. Cold-pressed nigella oil is also consumed on its own, mostly by the fans of healthy eating. This way of ingesting nigella oil is gaining more and more popularity. There is a number of articles and nigella oil is gaining more and more popularity.

How to consume cold-pressed nigella oil? How to manage its strong taste?

Many people are wondering if they will be able to cope with nigella oil’s dominating
flavor. The most important thing is, never to force yourself to drink it. It’s best to find
your own way of coping with the strong flavour. We strongly suggest trying culinary
experiments. Through trial and error nigella oil’s unique flavor can be combined with
other products. Our customers recommend combining nigella oil with:
– honey,
– fruit,
– natural fruit juice (blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, etc.),
– freshly squeezed fruit juice,
– fruit smoothies,
– fruit and vegetable salads,
– yoghurt,
– other oils, for example pumpkin seed oil,
– soups,
– lemon
Those are just some of the great flavour combinations, there’s many more options, so get experimenting!


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