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Our cold-pressed milk thistle oil comes from a small, friendly manufure in Poland is a fantastic product supporting normal functioning of the liver. The milk thistle seeds are pressed slowly in temperature not exceeding 35 degrees Celcius – cold pressed milk thistle oil retains all of its precious nutrients. This oil has a specific taste and aroma – it’s unrefined and reaches you 100% pure and natural




Milk thistle oil should be only consumed cold. You can pour it over salads and add to homemade sandwich spreads, for example cheese based. Mix cream cheese, oil, milk and a little bit of honey for a tasty, nutricious spread. You can also use milk thistle oil externally, as a cosmetic. Fantastic massaged directly onto the skin but also into the hair (especially dry, weak and falling out).


Thanks to its sylimaryn content, milk thistle oil regulates normal functioning of the liver and the kidneys, effectively removing toxins – a great supplement in chronic liver diseases (for example cirrhosis). Milk thistle oil boosts memory and thought processes. Thanks to its rich free radicals content it improves concentration and the ability to memorise things. In addition to this, the product has anti-inflammatory properties and it’s particularly recommended for throat and larynx. Used on the skin, milk thistle oil helps to combat atopic dermatitis, burns and slow healing wounds. What is more, it promotes healthy functioning of the digestive
system and combats issues such as bloating. Milk thistle oil is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 12 due to lack of research on the effects of the product on those
groups. If you wish to consume milk thistle oil and fall in one of the mentioned  categories, you should consult your doctor. Cold pressed milk thistle oil boosts the metabolism. Cold pressing in small batches ensures you’re always guaranteed the best quality, fresh product. Store the oil in cool, dark place. Take on its own, as a supplement or in cold dishes – in sauces and dressings. Milk thistle oil is not suitable for frying or cooking. It’s health benefiting nutrients are only preserved if not heat processed.

Use by date:

Once opened, use within 9 months.

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4 reviews for Milk thistle oil

  1. Anna D. (verified owner)

    Healthy with you salads

  2. Julie Silver (verified owner)

    Great to find a milk thistle oil at good value and great quality. Doesn’t taste unpleasant so can add to meals and know it’s doing your liver good and helping to heal.

  3. Andrzej Chmiel (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this purchase, I recommend it to everyone, good quality oil.

    Image #1 from Andrzej Chmiel
  4. JADWIGA KASPEREK (verified owner)

    Super produkt, dziękuję!

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