Rapeseed Honey, Raw Natural Honey 1250g

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The mild taste of rapeseed honey makes it a favorite not only of the youngest, but also of older gourmets. Due to its high glucose content, it is recommended for weakening of the body, excessive exertion, fatigue and chronic stress. It will also be helpful in stimulating the immune system.

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What is rapeseed honey?

Rapeseed honey is an excellent-tasting honey produced by bees foraging on rapeseed flowers. The honey has a white creamy, smooth texture that would taste nice on a slice of toast, in a warm cup of tea or with anything that needs a touch of natural sweetness. Canola honey is a unique variety of single-flower honey made from the pollen and nectar of the rapeseed flower.

This specific variety has unique characteristics, such as a sweet, peppery flavor and a rapid crystallization period. It is sought after for its ulcer-healing properties. However, it has other medicinal, antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Honey must be unprocessed and raw to fully benefit consumers. Rapeseed is a crop grown mainly for oil production. It is related to cabbage and mustard, from where it derives some of its fantastic properties. The plant is also referred to as rapeseed, so the oil produced from it is known as canola or rapeseed oil.

The plant is a good source of flower nectar, which enables bees to create an aromatic and interesting variety of honey. As a single-flower honey, the rapeseed variety is made mainly from the nectar and pollen of rapeseed flowers. It may contain traces of pollen and nectar from other plants. The pleasant, bright yellow flowers are the source of honey with a peppery aftertaste and a rapid crystallization period.

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Health benefits of rapeseed honey

Here are some of the typical health benefits of canola honey:
– Natural tonic effects Canola has an energizing effect and is great for inhibiting low blood sugar and feelings of fatigue.
– Good for acne and uneven skin Bright honey can be used as a natural mask for people with uneven skin tone. Rape is a good natural exfoliant because of its texture.
– Source of minerals and vitamins. This honey contains many minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and smaller amounts of sodium and zinc.
– It soothes sore throats and relieves coughs. Canola honey is believed to have natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The pollen in this honey also provides a mild immune-boosting effect, helping to stimulate the immune system response.


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27 reviews for Rapeseed Honey, Raw Natural Honey 1250g

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    Produkt bardzo dobrej jakości polecam wszystkim

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    Miodzik pierwsza klasa

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    nice and easy purchase , hopefully will taste lovely ! thank you .

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    Very happy with the quality and price. Delicious real honey. Delivery was fast. Highly recommend A+++

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    There’s nothing better than Polish natural honey and in many varieties you offer I found few of my favourites! Nicely cloth-covered jars, immediate shipment and very competitive prices! I had my honey delivered within a couple of days and enjoying my honey-sweetened tea again! Love the taste! I recommend wholeheartedly ??

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    Fast delivery

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    Jeden z moich ulubionych miodów, moje dzieci tez go uwielbiają. Szczególnie na świeżej kromce chleba pychaaa 😋

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    Super tasty honey and all process of ordering and delivery went very smooth

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    It was a good choice 🙂

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    Bardzo dobre miodki polecam gorąco przesłanka bardzo dobrze zabezpieczona

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    Uwielbiam z kromką chleba lub ciepłym tostem 😋

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    Miodek rzepakowy jest moim standardem i moim ulubieńcem nic dodać nic ująć jest pyszny i zdrowy polecam

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