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Buckwheat honey is an extremely wholesome, natural honey created by bees. It goes to great lengths to gather nectar from various buckwheat flowers. The Buckwheat plant has very small flowers. The bees that make this healthy Buckwheat honey usually have to work double-time to gather enough nectar. This delicious and pure honey is most oftentimes not as sweet as most traditional honey is.

honey drizzler dipped in honey

It’s also higher in certain antioxidants than traditional honey. So, it might actually be better for you than other, sweeter types of organic honey. Buckwheat is rich in vitamins and considers as a very healthy food. The honey made from buckwheat would also be good for you.


Did you know that thousands of people all around the world have used traditional raw honey in medicine for hundreds of years? Yes, this is true! This delectable, golden delicacy known as raw honey may even contain several healthy components that modern, processed honey does not have. Raw honey provides a large range of different health benefits for people globally and is also a great substitute for refined sugar or sugar substitutes.

The natural beehive derives this healthy and sweet substance itself. The raw honey also contains healthy bee propolis, bee pollen, a multitude of wholesome, and the body-helping antioxidants. It is not yet fully confirmed that raw honey does actually hold more health benefits comparing the other regular honey. Many people today do believe that the overall pasteurization and processing cycle that regular, pure honey has to go through greatly minimizes several of the healthy components found in it.

Many hardworking honeybees create a sugary natural liquid. Honeycombs known as tiny hexagonal cups store the raw honey in tiny hexagonal cups. These honeycombs are eventually removed by beekeepers so that they can successfully harvest organic honey. This deliciously saccharine substance comes directly from the honeycomb itself and is not the only thing that is stored in honeycombs.

The Origin Of RAW HONEY

Many bees store their bee larvae in honeycombs as well. Another interesting fact is that natural honey straight from the beehive actually holds natural beeswax, bee pollen, and even various parts of dead bees. Right before selling their raw honey to customers, many manufacturers today will first pass the pure honey straight through a quality filter. In this way, it eliminates as many impurities as possible, though some still remain.

Different from raw honey, regular processed honey goes through a tedious pasteurization system. In this special process, manufacturers will heat up the natural honey. Following this process will kill any yeast cells found that may affect the honey’s delicious taste and also maximize its overall shelf life.

However, it is a fact that some pasteurization could negatively affect the actual amount of nutrients and vitamins found in the honey. From natural Acacia honey to hearty Buckwheat honey, there are many types of this natural sweetener found throughout the world.


Buckwheat Honey has some other amazing health benefits. It includes things such as boosting antioxidants, supporting your immune system and healing in your body. Soothing and healing sore are some other attributes of Buckwheat honey.

This special honey has been used as a vital part of many people’s everyday skincare routines. While the use of Buckwheat honey keeps the sugar levels to a minimum in many who live with diabetes. Buckwheat honey mixed into a cup of black tea is also said to immensely help kick start the level of various antioxidants found in the human body.

Buckwheat honey is also good for providing wound care. It will essentially pull out the moisture of the wounds and then help to eliminate any disease or bacteria found. Because of its high sugar content and very low pH levels, Buckwheat honey may also hinder other bacteria and small microbes from growing in the wound.

Another great benefit of Buckwheat honey is in protecting your skin from damage and keeping it very smooth and youthful. You can search around for Buckwheat honey-based skincare items in the stores. Moreover, you can just create your own healthy Buckwheat honey skin moisturizer simply by combining Buckwheat honey together with organic coconut oil in an electric mixer until it looks like whipped cream.

Buckwheat honey, along with various other types of honey, has long been known for helping reverse DNA mutations. It potentially causes dangerous cancers and illnesses. This type of pure honey is also useful in reducing high cholesterol levels found in the blood. Lowering cholesterol this way can eventually lead to better heart health and healthier blood pressure levels.


Here at the Sweet Honey Co., located in the United Kingdom, the company proudly sources the finest organic Buckwheat honey and a variety of creative bees products from Poland. The Sweek Honey Co makes sure that the products purchased must 100% satisfy each and every customer. Our online store only provides quality products for others to enjoy.

honey drizzler dipped in honey

We supply a variety of different bee products and honey parcels all throughout Wales, England, and Scotland. We also deliver same-day orders in Rotherham. Every quality product from The Sweet Honey Co. is packaged solid and exported directly to The Sweet Honey Co. team. We create our products right out of Poland. All of The Sweet Honey Co. bee products are 100% organic and natural. We offer 14 different kinds of authentic honey!

So, why should you buy products from The Sweet Honey Co.?

We deliver great-tasting products to our customers. We provide our products that are packed full of original vitamins and nutrients. It has nothing artificial in them. From offering amazing health benefits to beautiful natural lotions. The team at The Sweet Honey Co. will allow you to experience the phenomenal natural sweetener called honey in a variety of its beautiful forms. From wild Mountain Honey to tasty Raspberry Honey, Our company has you covered when it comes to finding that right jar of honey.

Multiflower Honey


SweetHoney Co brings you natural products with honest ingredients. We aim in producing quality products at a price you can afford. Order organic honey and honey products here on our official website. An amazing aroma of natural ingredients creates our heavenly organic Honey Body Lotion for sensitive and dry skin.

This special body lotion is filled with authentic lime honey essence and it gently softens the skin. The real Tara tree extract for improving the level of moisture in the skin, and healthy Almond oil to make your skin much more elastic. All of our wonderful products are only of the best quality and carefully imported directly from the country of Poland. Our Polish honey products are sure to please everyone who purchases them.

Whether it’s our Polish honey or pure honey cosmetics. Go ahead and buy something sweetly special for you or your loved one today on the website at The Sweet Honey Co. You are sure to find your next organic honey lotion, favourite creamed honey, or natural honey cosmetics right here!

Welcome To Sweet Honey Co!

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We serve as the perfect place for the finest honey and bee products.


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  2. The Health Souk

    Since birth, I have suffered from allergies. My cough and cold almost always come back every year, but someone told me to take one spoonful of honey mixed with clove.
    I have tried The Health Souk’s Manuka honey for a while, and it works for me.
    This honey is also imported directly from New Zealand, and tested by certified organizations.
    Additionally, I’ve recommended this brand to many of my friends who want to give their loved ones pure and natural honey.


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