The Origin and History of Dandelion Honey and Why It Is Most Used in the UK


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For most people, a dandelion is just an annoying plant. It doesn’t seem to wither away no matter how often the lawns are attended. For some people, however, the plant is a source of many properties that make it a healthy product. Chinese have been using dandelion as a source of medicine for many years. The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians finally realized the medicinal value and started using it as “Chinese traditional medicine”. The plants originated in Europe approximately 30 million years ago before spreading to other parts of the world. Over the years, the use of the plant has evolved from being just a weed to bring food and an herb. Ultimately, the herbs elements present in this honey is very useful for the human body, if used in a tea. This led to its use as honey, especially in Europe.

All parts of the plant are not healthy to make the dandelion honey. However, we can use most parts of the plant for nutrients creation. For instance, you can also make salads and jelly from its leaves and flowers respectively. Whereas the roots can be used to make substitutes for coffee.

Dandelion Honey

Real dandelion honey is hard to come by even though the plant grows and blooms throughout the year. The collection of the nectar by the bees is one of the reasons for this. Because, they rely on that nectar to make more honey. Since the flower is always the first to bloom in spring, beekeepers prefer to leave the nectar collected for the bees to use as food as they collect more nectar for the honey. In the process, other plants start to bloom and the bees collect their nectar as well. Ultimately, you can say that it’s not pure dandelion honey because it has been made from a mixture of nectar from different plants including dandelion. Dandelion nectar also contains high levels of sucrose. As such, it can easily crystalize, and that makes it harder to be harvested on its own.

Characteristics Of Dandelion Honey

This doesn’t mean that you can’t find real dandelion, honey. Choose a great UK dandelion honey supplier who makes sure that you get all the health benefits. The following characteristics will help you identify dandelion, honey.

  • A bright yellow color in the beginning. When the honey is first harvested, it has a bright yellow color the same as the plant. As it matures, it takes on the amber color that is usually associated with various types of honey.
  • Dandelion honey also has a strong odor, like the flower. For some people, this smell may be unpleasant and comparable to chamomile, vinegar, and even glue.
  • It has a unique flavor and is often described as a pleasant with a bitter after taste. It is sweet but can leave a taste that isn’t usually present with other types of honey.
  • When it comes to consistency, this honey is smooth but may have some crystals because of its high crystallization rate. It is therefore common to have crunchiness when you use it in any food.

Why dandelion honey is mostly used in the UK?

Dandelion honey has a high sugar content that is healthier than normal sugar or sweeteners. But, it also has high levels of carbohydrates and calories. However, it also has a lot of vitamins, including vitamin K and vitamin A. It is also enriched with other elements like calcium. These make healthier contributions to the body, thus the reason why most UK residents prefer dandelion honey to other types. Other reasons include:

Antioxidant properties

The dandelion plant has a lot of antioxidant properties that the honey also possesses. Furthermore, it can help the body to fight with free radicals that could lead to serious illnesses, including cancer. This also makes it great at preventing some of the smaller attacks like cold, flu, and other bacterial infections.

Immunity boost

Dandelion honey also obtains some properties that are found in the plant such as apalbumine 1. It is also known to have the ability to increase the body’s ability to fight off diseases. The honey also can improve the functionality of some of the organs like the kidney and the liver. Moreover, by reducing the number of gastric juices, something that also works for the bowels.

Reduction of swelling

Dandelion honey also contains polyphenols that are available in the plant, and this helps fight inflammation in the body. Other compounds in the plant-like chlorogenic acid and chicoric acid can help in regulating blood sugar levels, which is great for diabetes control.

Cholesterol and blood pressure control

One of the common threats of heart diseases is high levels of cholesterol. Some compounds found in the dandelion plant are believed to help with cholesterol reduction. It also helps with heart disease control. When it comes to controlling the blood pressure, there hasn’t been any scientific proof. However, the diuretic effects of the plants are believed to be beneficial to blood pressure. Therefore, the presence of potassium in the plant also helps with lower blood pressure. It also makes honey a preferable choice for people with high blood pressure.

Faster weight loss

One of the traditional uses of dandelion was to aid in digestion and bowel movement. Its bioactive compounds that are also present in the honey can help improve metabolism while reducing the absorption of fat. Increased metabolism also works on stored fats. Which, when combined with the increased digestion and bowel movement, can help reduce weight and maintain the weight loss.

There is still more research being done on the benefits of the dandelion plant and honey. However, the ones that have already been done show strong scientific support for the health benefits. All the parts of the plant can be used to make many products, but the commonly used product is honey.


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