Why Acacia Honey is One of The Best Honey?


Acacia Honey


Are you curious why Acacia honey is one of the best honeys? And what are the Acacia honey benefits you need to know? As old as ancient times, organic honey has been known and used for medicinal practices. The natural antimicrobial properties it has made way for its many health benefits.

Honey in jars

However, pure honey can be sometimes tricky to find. So, if you don’t carefully read ingredients, you could buy diluted ones. Because big manufacturers tend to put additives like syrup into their honey products to extend their production. As a result, you won’t get all of its nutritious health benefits.

The finest form of honey is raw honey, in which you can reap more of its vitamins and minerals because, as we all know, anything processed losses its live enzymes.

However, not all honey is created equally. Acacia honey stands out amongst the rest and it is considered as one of the world’s best honey. Not sure what Acacia honey can do for you? Don’t worry! We have compiled the superior health benefits you can get from this organic honey. Keep reading below for the reveal!

Organic honey has many varieties, with each being differentiated by:

1. Different types of flowers

2. Geographic location

3. Land elevation

4. Climate

5. Season

6. Bee colony

What is Acacia Honey?

How is this organic honey different from other types of honey? Basically, all the health benefits you can get from pure honey is also available in Acacia honey. It has some unique medicinal qualities which set it apart from the 300 plus varieties of honey around the world.

First originating in Romania, it comes from the nectar of the black locust tree, or better known as the false acacia tree, a flowering tree. This raw honey has a light color and has the clearest form. It has a higher fructose content than sucrose, which is a better choice if you are sensitive to sugar, and it’s taste has light, sweet tones with a hint of fruit and a bit of vanilla. And the fructose also makes it almost impossible to crystallize.

Scientific Breakthrough from Acacia Honey

Does Acacia honey treat kidney and urinary system issues?

Using honey with high medicinal properties such as Acacia honey, in exchange for traditional synthetic antibiotics, assists in the resistance of organisms in all stages of chronic kidney disease. Because of the proven broad-spectrum antibacterial attributes from experiment data, it can be a potential alternative when viewed from a prospective of efficacy and safety. This is a narrative review of Honey in the Prevention and Treatment of Infection in the CKD Population, published by Hindawi..

And although this needs more scientific study to be strongly proven, it is very promising, as BBC News published in September 2016, stating the diluted honey’s impact on fighting urinary infections. As affirmed by UK researchers, honey and water might be a useful weapon in fighting urinary infections.

Is atherosclerosis treatable by Acacia honey?

In relation to atherosclerosis, a study concluded that this pure honey on LDL (low-density lipoproteins), or better known as bad cholesterol, has shown a high antioxidant activity in xanthine-xanthine oxidase systems. A process where an enzyme causes oxidation to become oxygen and on LDL oxidation. Located at reference 79, table 3, according to Honey’s Role in Relieving Multiple Facets of Atherosclerosis published online by NCBI in 2019.

Moreover, its molecular discoveries strongly suggested that Acacia honey treats atherosclerosis if taken continuously.

Proven Rejuvenating Effects of Acacia Honey

How can this organic honey treat headaches?

According to Springer in Botanical Phenolics and Brain Health published on November 1, 2008, they have found that phenolic compounds from botanical sources like Acacia honey that came from its original false acacia tree has antioxidative and inflammatory effects. As a result, it gives off a neuroprotective effect. This can then help headaches or migraines, which are considered a very common neurological problem.

How can it be beneficial to the respiratory system?

Pure honey has an incomparable effectiveness for respiratory conditions. This natural remedy for the common cough and flu has been passed down to younger generations throughout the world.

Acacia honey is the best organic choice for kids from two years old and up because honey is sweet, unlike the usual cough syrup that has a hint of bitter aftertaste. This makes honey a hit for kids. Adults also turn to pure honey as a more sustainable home remedy for its unlimited health benefits, plus it does not contain harmful ingredients.

Take two teaspoons of honey before bedtime to ease coughing. It lubricates the airways and reduces inflammation, as a result, it helps in breaking up the mucus. And having Acacia honey is one of the best choices because of its low sucrose content and its high flavonoids and phenolic content, which boosts the antioxidant health benefits of honey.

How does it act as a sedative for nervous disorders and insomnia?

If you take Acacia honey before bed, it can be a delicious and effective natural remedy for insomnia. The book The Honey Prescription: The Amazing Power of Honey as Medicine claims that Acacia honey is used as a sedative for nervous disorders and insomnia.

The rich anti-inflammatory properties of Acacia honey protects neurological functions, alleviating stress and keeping you calm. Unlike any other pure honey, it offers an overall mental wellness among its health benefits.

How raw honey like Acacia aids in various skin diseases?

Because of its high bioactive ingredient, organic honey is not limited to internal health benefits. It will also include improvements and beautification of skin conditions such as acne. It aids to keep troubled skin diseases at bay because it eases the inflammation.

The Sweet Honey Co highly recommends using raw honey because all the antibacterial properties are still intact. Many topical beauty and wellness products widely use honey such as soaps, shampoos, lotions, facial creams, facial toners, etc.

Does it improve wound healing time?

Because pure honey has a high inflammatory response in wounds, reports NCBI, it can strategically heal wounds. Some interesting reactions of wounds to organic honey is that when applied topically is great wound contraction, tissue formation, tissue growth, reduction of edema, the formation of new blood vessels, deodorization of wounds, promotion of moist, and reduction of pain.

These factors lead to the acceleration of the healing process. Raw honey has many amazing effects, such as antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-tumor, and various metabolic effects.

What does it do for your digestive problems?

The kind of organic honey you ideally need to take when you want to improve your digestive system’s function is raw honey. It contains a lot of carotene and ferments. It has drastic and positive impacts on the digestive system. According to John Hopkins Medicine, raw honey is one of the foods that relax stomach acid.

Consuming warm water with lemon juice and pure honey has an alkalizing effect. Which then neutralizes the acid in your stomach. In addition, honey is a natural antioxidant that protects the health of cells.

Final thoughts:

The worth of your health is unmeasurable! If you find this article useful, we’ve done the trouble of sourcing Acacia honey just for you! You may find it here. You can enrich more quality into your life through better health, which for us is the most important thing!

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