How Can You Extract Health Benefits by Using Pure Dandelion Honey?

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What comes into your mind when you hear dandelion, honey? Most importantly, is how can you extract health benefits by using pure dandelion, honey? Stick right until the end of the topic, and you will learn the sweet truth about this unique pure honey.

Dandelion honey has the capability to fight with antibacterial diseases just like the other honey. It comes from a uni-flower honey variety. In the European market, dandelion considers one of the highly valuable classes of honey.

Dandelion honey is a special type of pure honey. It has the ability to reduce acidity in the gastrointestinal system and possesses high immunity-boosting effects. But due to scarcity, you might get a man-made type of honey if you purchased it from a supermarket or misleading sellers.

5 Reasons Why Dandelion Honey is Considered a Very Rare Honey

1. Purity:

The purest form of honey is highly preferable. The evaluation of the purity of dandelion honey depends on the standard set by different regions. For example, The variety should have no less than 10% dandelion pollen content and the purest should have 60-70%. Mono-floral or uni-floral dandelion honey is a label by some of them. Despite there being less than 10% content of dandelion pollen. This is because the strong flavor profile is present, even though there’s only a small amount of dandelion pollen. In Italy, it has to be at least 5% mono-floral for consideration.

2. Different flowers bloom in the same season:

The potency of the pollen becomes weaker when competing with other nectar-producing flowers. This poses a challenge to get pure honey with a higher pollen percentage produced from dandelions. Since dandelions bloom early in the spring (April to May), then followed by other flowers soon after, the honey tends to get all mixed up.

3. Where it came from:

The origin of this pure honey is Europe. Therefore, the location where the honey came from matters most. You can probably still buy it from other countries. However, it may fall short of the standards pure dandelion honey has.

4. Fast crystallization:

The pure honey is rich in fructose and sucrose which leads to fast crystallization. It crystallizes right in the honeycomb which can make it difficult to harvest.

5. Bee colony food:

Dandelions bloom first before any other flower does in Spring. So, beekeepers leave some in the hives for bees to feed on. This will strengthen and prepare them for the later full bloom of flowers. For this reason, the harvest of the pure honey decreases.

Ensure that you have only the unpasteurized and unfiltered honey. This guarantees you’ll get all the promising effects raw honey has to offer.

What is Dandelion Honey?

Pure honey comes from a mono-floral variety from the pollen and nectar which are found in dandelion flowers. It is also known as Taraxacum by the Botanists

  • Taste: Sharp, pungent, and strong flavor with medium sweetness, slight bitterness, and an astringent aftertaste described as refreshing.
  • Color: For new harvest, it can have opaque golden-yellow to amber-yellow color and when it crystallizes it becomes darker.
  • Scent: Close to the dandelion flower scent, but stronger. The smell is described as chamomile, vinegar, animal glue, and ammonia. It may be unpleasant for those who are unfamiliar with it. It can be woody to an even spoiled scent.

Dandelion honey has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects with mild diuretic and prebiotic bioactive characteristics. It has high levels of vitamin A, vitamin K, and calcium. It can be a good substitute as a sweetener. Moreover, it easily crystallizes because of the predominant fructose and glucose content.

You can find dandelion weeds most commonly in the home gardens or lawns. They are mostly available during the early flowering season. Furthermore, they are often neglected despite the fact that they are packed with tons of health benefits. Most of its parts can be used for medicinal purposes. The culinary industry widely uses it. You can use its flower and leaves in salads. Not only that, but it also acts as natural detoxification due to its mild diuretic properties.

Proven Health Benefits of Dandelion Honey by Research Studies in Apitherapy

Why dandelion honey is set apart from other pure honey?

  • A study done in 2001 conducted by BALTUSKEVICIUS et al. states that the ingestion of dandelion honey has shown to reduce gastric juice acidity by 56%. It is hemo-protective against gastric, intestine, liver, kidney, and gall bladder diseases.
  • According to POKORN, D in 1978, the gastric emptying of saccharides after the ingestion of dandelion honey was slower than that of a mixture of glucose and fructose.
  • Dandelion honey has high dominant royal jelly—apalbumin 1—which is an immuno-boosting protein similar to chestnut honey.
  • A high level of phenylacetic acid (a toxin to bacteria) in dandelion honey was first reported in Comparison of Different Methodologies for Detailed Screening of Taraxacum officinale Honey Volatiles by Jerkovic et al.

Treatable Health Issues by Dandelion Honey

How Dandelion Honey Impacts Gallbladder and Kidney Health?

Originally, dandelion roots use by herbalists for centuries to detoxify the liver and gallbladder as a natural remedy. It stimulates the production of bile that aids digestion. Dandelion also strengthens the liver by removing toxins that might pose more serious threats. While naturalists acclaimed this, the good thing about taking this honey is because it’s a powerhouse. Pure honey alone has a strong antioxidant effect. It can be total bliss to naturopathic healing. However, if you are experiencing pain from gall stones then you must be cautious. It is preferable to consult a physician before trying to use this remedy.

How does it cure stomach ulcers, dyspeptic, and other digestive system related problems?

This pure honey has the ability to decrease 56% gastric juice acidity. The over-production of digestive acid causes the digestive walls to become inflamed, which results in tissue damage, bruising, and burns that lead to stomach ulcers. Its antibacterial and healing effects work in synergy to effectively restore and rebuild the tissues. Plus, the major health remedies of dandelions in keeping the bowel healthy is very helpful for dyspeptics and GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) sufferers. The total curing effect of dandelion honey, as per continuous usage, is more reasonable than synthetic proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole, which has neurological side effects and can cause potential kidney damage in the long run.

Does Dandelion Honey Help to Stimulate the Immune System?

In conjunction with the scientific evidence of high amounts of apalbumin 1, specified as royal jelly, and concentrations of phenylacetic acid that kills bacteria, incorporating this honey into your diet is proven to improve overall wellness in your immune system. This, along with proper diet and exercise, can ward of illnesses.

Final thoughts:

The pure honey could comply from A to Z with the numerous health benefits. This honey is helpful in the immune system and can aid digestive, gallbladder, and liver problems. But before you purchase any, try the honey sourced from Poland where the pure form of dandelion honey can be found. Sub mountain regions, meadows, and lowlands are the sources of its origin. It has no orchard and rape cultivation nearby the apiary. I cannot stress more the importance of digestive health, so I will just leave a beautiful phrase by Hippocrates: “All disease begins in the gut.” Selecting a reputable source of dandelion honey from Nasz provides you the best encounter with the “real thing”, the purest honey.

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