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Welcome To Sweet Honey!


We are the perfect destination for the finest honey and apiculture products.

We guarantee you the best quality - 100% natural, organic, eco - friendly, pure, full of health benefits and straight from the Polish apiary!

Every fan of honey will love our wide range of creamed honey, bee products, raw honey, cosmetics and much more!

At Sweet Honey Co you can discover the taste of pure honey and the many benefits of bee products. Go on and give it a try! There are 17 types of honey for you to sample!

We deliver to Scotland, Wales, and England. Rest assured that our products are well packaged prior to postage to avoid any damage in transit. All of our products are exported to us in Rotherham and made in Poland.

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raw, pure and healthy

Our honey is unpasteurised and doesn't undergo heat treatment, therefore you can rest assured that each of our products retains all of the essential nutritional properties. Enjoy all of the benefits of honey with its antibacterial and antioxidant properties.


Are you searching for apiculture products that come straight from the hive? Then look no further! Our natural Polish honey has no added sugar and doesn't undergo heat treatment, it's unfiltered and unpasteurised. In other words, it's 100% raw and pure! You can expect it to naturally crystallise over time.

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At Sweet Honey Co we make sure that our products are the best quality. They all undergo strict, certified laboratory tests to guarantee them being 100% raw and free from pesticides and antibiotics.


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