Pine-Propolis Syrup

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The syrup combines the wonderful health properties of pine and propolis tincture. Created in a very intense concentration in the ratio (70% pine syrup: 30% propolis essence), which makes it incredibly effective in combating both respiratory infections and other diseases involving cough or respiratory insufficiency.

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Pine syrup has an expectorant and bactericidal effect. It is recommended for upper respiratory tract problems and pharyngitis. The pine oil contained in the syrup unclogs the airways, making breathing easier. Vitamin C, carbohydrates and mineral salts support the body’s immune system. On the other hand, propolis -is one of the strongest antibiotics found in nature -fights bacteria on its own, but also supports pharmacological antibiotic treatments -fights respiratory infections (cough, tonsillitis) -for this purpose you can make inhalations with the addition of propolis tincture -administered orally regulates blood pressure -increases resistance to bacterial infections (including staphylococci, streptococci and even tuberculosis! ) -reduces the effects of pathogenic viruses, such as influenza, herpes, encephalitis -reduces susceptibility to candida (people struggling with this type of recurrent infection often praise the healing effects of propolis) The combination of these two substances makes pine-propolis syrup indispensable for fighting coughs, and alleviating cold and flu symptoms.

When to use pine-propolis syrup? When: you have caught a cold; you have a cough and hoarseness; you suffer from pharyngitis; you are diagnosed with bronchitis; you have the flu; you have a runny nose; you feel weak; you have chills and feel a poignant cold prophylactically! Product contraindicated for people with allergies to bee products and pine pollen!

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6 reviews for Pine-Propolis Syrup

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    Very, very good 👍👍👍

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    So healtly product and it’s working.

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    Szybka dostawa.Towar dobrze zapakowany.Wszystko perfekcyjnie😉😉

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    Bardzo polecam

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    I don’t know yet

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