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Bolotov sourdough of greater celandine is a fermented drink based on water, goat whey and greater celandine developed by Boris Bolotov. The lactic acid bacteria and specific enzymes it contains stimulate regenerative, repairing processes at the cellular level.

Thanks to this concoction, there is a faster replacement of cells with new healthy ones. The body therefore rejuvenates faster. This can be seen in the improved state of the skin and increased immunity. The acid cleanses the digestive system and rebuilds the bacterial flora. A cold, cough, sinusitis or bronchitis disappear.

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The most commonly confirmed beneficial effects of the therapy include:
-cleaning the digestive system of toxins and regeneration of the intestinal bacterial flora, thus regulating bowel movements and improving digestive processes
-antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects
-regeneration of hormone levels
-relieves inflammation of the respiratory system – cures catarrh, cough, sinusitis, bronchitis
-supports the treatment of urinary tract disorders
-helps the circulatory system and heart function
-rejuvenates and regenerates the body
-improves appearance of skin, nails and hair -improves hearing and vision
-improves hearing and eyesight.

According to Boris Bolotov’s indications, the treatment with his acid should consist of two stages.
1) Drink the acid 3 times a day before meals, 100 ml each, for 14 days.
2. drink the acid once a day for 30 days before meals, 100 ml each.

Ingredients: goat’s whey, fresh greater celandine herb, goat’s sour cream, natural unpasteurised flint

Store the product in a darkened place, do not store in the fridge!!!!!

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  1. Malgorzata Z. (verified owner)

    Very good product

  2. Katarzyna (verified owner)

    Highly recommended

  3. Iwona (verified owner)

    Stosujemy na efekty trzeba troche poczekac

  4. Kamil Jankowski (verified owner)

    I recommend it!

  5. Magdalena (verified owner)

    Bardzo dobry produkty, szybka wysyłka

  6. Jolanta (verified owner)

    very effectively rebuilds the bacterial flora

  7. Krzysztof K. (verified owner)

    Produkt najwyższej jakości. Godny polecenia.

  8. Iwona (verified owner)

    I’m using a first time ,will see ,looks good

  9. Krzysztof K. (verified owner)

    Bardzo dobra jakość za rozsądną cenę. Polecam gorąco. Można ten zakwas rozmnażać wtedy wychodzi taniej. Jak to zrobić mówi o tym pani Barbara Kazana w filmiku na you tube. Polecam.

  10. Iwona (verified owner)

    Pije i jest super, polecam

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