Honey for Kids 430g

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Meet Miodzis – a very sweet teddy bear! He is a very smart teddy bear who loves children like no one else. He teaches them love of nature, nature, with Miodzis one acquires healthy eating habits. He also loves honey, like any fairy teddy bear, and like no one else he can smuggle healthy honey to even the biggest of the bad eaters!

Miodzis invites all children, and adults too, on a sweet trip to the pink forest land, where raspberries grow on every step, and bees distribute sweet and healthy honey!


The composition of Miodzisia - Honey with raspberry is nature itself. Our classic and beloved by you Honey with raspberry in a new, Miodzisia version. For big and small!

What does Miodziś love Honey with Raspberry for?

The health properties of multi-flower honey with flavor from real, freeze-dried raspberries
lots of vitamin C in freeze-dried raspberries, along with potassium, calcium and magnesium
raspberry healthy and delicious addition to oatmeal, desserts, sandwiches
it is perfectly eaten with a spoon straight from the jar 🙂

Ingredients: 98% multifloral nectar honey 98%, 2% freeze-dried raspberry

The composition of Miodzisia - Honey with hazelnut and cocoa is 100% nature and health itself. Multi-flower honey with real, dark cocoa of the highest quality and a handful of coarsely ground hazelnuts to munch on. Mmmm, honey, this is so delicious! 🙂

What does Honey love Honey with Hazelnuts and Cocoa for?

delicious flavor that comes only from nature - Honey effectively replaces the well-known, but unhealthy chocolate and hazelnut cream.
multi-flower honey retains all the properties in it - it is on its basis that we created honey with the taste of sweet cream
the addition of cocoa is the power of magnesium - better memory and concentration, as well as stronger bones and teeth!
hazelnuts, which provide the addition of well-absorbed vitamin E and B vitamins
excellent addition to pancakes, sandwiches, waffles and ice cream 🙂

Ingredients: 80% multifloral nectar honey, 15% hazelnuts 15%, 5% reduced fat cocoa.

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raspberry, nuts and cocoa, tangerine, blueberry



3 reviews for Honey for Kids 430g

  1. Dariusz S. (verified owner)

    A miracle in a jar, very tasty. I recommend.

  2. Justyna (verified owner)

    Niejadek jest zachwycony😁

  3. Verified Buyer (verified owner)

    Bardzo smaczny polecam

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