Blackcurrant Herbal Honey 1250

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Health benefits:

-Combats anemia and prevents its complications
-Has a healing effect on inflammation of the urinary tract and rheumatic diseases
-Helps restore strength after viral and flu illnesses
-It is administered during convalescence
-Promotes healing and inflammation of skin problems


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Herbal honeys are natural bee products created thanks to modern biotechnology. Main ingredient necessary to produce them is herbal (or fruit juice) extract syrup that is given to bees. Bees treat the extract just like floral nectar, add enzymes and hormones, thicken it and the end result is herbal honey. Herbal honeys fit into healthy foods category, and although they are not medicines, they support treatment of many illnesses.
Another benefit of herbal honeys is their unique flavour. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the initial extract syrup and so the finalcompositions can have a variety beyond imagination. Some plants rich in nutritional elements and with powerful healing properties are notvery efficient nectar producers. So the method of creating herbal honeys – throughextracting all of the beneficial nutrients from the plant and offering them to the bees.Herbal honey made that way will have higher nutritional value than plain honey fromthe same plant.Not only herbs can be used to prepare extract syrups for making of herbal honeys.Also fruit and vegetable juice extracts are also great – for example broccoli, onion, carrot, garlic, beetroot, parsnip, cabbage, raspberry, elderflower, gooseberry, currantand many others.Herbal honeys are very potent and rich in herbal active substances. They arebeneficial in preventative treatment of many diseases, for example of thecardiovascular system (chokeberry herbal honey), digestive system (aloe vera herbalhoney), urinary tract (nettle herbal honey), moth (chamomile herbal honey) and upperrespiratory system (pine and raspberry herbal honey).Good results were also achieved in patients recovering from the operation of removal of the gallbladder and in viral hepatitis when herbal honey has been added to the diet It has been proven in scientific studies that nettle herbal honey has up to 70% more calcium and 15% more iron compared to multifloral honey.

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