Safflower oil


Safflower oil has many properties that are beneficial to your health. Some of them are:
 Anti-inflammatory
 Diaphoretic
 Pain-relief
 Antispasmodic
 Detoxyfying
 Calming
 Preventative (especially when it comes to circulatory system, atherosclerosis,diabetes, etc.)
 Rich in vitamin A (beneficial to the eyesight) and E (fighting the free-radicals and the body’s aging process).

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Use of safflower oil Safflower oil is not only hugely beneficial for our health. There’s a multitude of usages of this versatile product. Depilation is not a very pleasant task and safflower oil may come handy at soothing the inflamed areas. It also softens the body hair and slows down its regrowth.Safflower wonderfully nourishes and regenerates the skin, that’s why it’s particularly recommended for acne prone, oily and mixed skin. Another fantastic thing about safflower oil is its anti-oxidising properties. Used regularly it diminishes the appearance of fine lines, restores elasticity and combats the negative effects of UV rays. Safflower oil is a good choice for women suffering from period pains, irregular periods or after the menopause. Safflower stabilizes metabolism and helps to burn fat tissue, and therefore minimizes weight gain. What is more, safflower oil balances blood pressure and prevents the bad cholesterol build up. It also strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation and stops blood clots from forming.

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