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Monsooned Malabar is a distinctive coffee variety that is memorable for a long time. It’s for Coffee drinkers who love the earthy aftertaste of bold bitterness broken by burnt sweetness. Monsooned Malabar is a dark coffee with thick foam. Your taste buds will thank you for such a feast, and your imagination for a journey – and not just to another continent, but even to the past. With every sip you will feel the sea breeze, which will refresh and energize you.


Monsooned Malabar is a variety of Arabica that has been grown in India for centuries and transported on ships to Europe. In the 19th century, such a voyage took up to several months. The effects of sea air and water were not indifferent to the beans. As a result, Europeans drank a completely different coffee from that which was obtained from the same beans in India. Nowadays, when transportation conditions have improved significantly, the popularity of the Monsooned Malabar flavor of the time has not stopped waning. Therefore, before the grains reach the Old Continent, they undergo the so-called monsooning process. This involves storing the crop after harvesting in specially prepared warehouses, where it is exposed to moisture and the sea wind (monsoon). The procedure takes about a few weeks, during which time the coffee develops a flavor and aroma native to 19th-century shipments. Monsooned Malabar is grown mainly in South India and the Western Ghats.

- Country of origin-India
- Region- Malabar
- Cultivation altitude- 1000 - 1350 m above sea level.
- Coffee species- 100% Arabica
- Acidity- low
- Aroma Nuts|Caramel|Sweet Spices|Cocoa.
- Purpose:-Pressurized coffee maker|French press|Coffee maker|Drip methods.

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