Mexico Altura 250g


It is the prototype of coffee with a very strong aroma, full body and pleasantly medium acidity. In Mexico Altura coffee you will find traces of nuts and caramel, which give it a slightly sweet character. The foam is beautifully dense, compact


Most of the raw material comes from small suppliers, that is, coffee is grown by many farmers, even with entire families. They manage individually or in a cooperative.
The high altitude and inaccessible terrain make plantation work difficult. Some farmers walk for an hour every day to the coffee plants and therefore do not protect them chemically and do not use fertilizers. Crushing is done entirely by hand several times during the season. The ripe cherries (coffee tree berries) are collected by farmers into large bags and shouldered down to the dusty roads. Already there, distant family members are waiting for them to take the bags home for coffee processing.
Mexico Altura coffee beans are processed using wet technology: berries from the coffee trees are poured into tanks of water (those that remain on the surface are collected - they are weak), then sifted onto special plates that remove the pulp. The next stage is fermentation of the beans, drying, sorting and packaging.

Country of origin- Mexico
Grain size -16
Arabica 100%
Acidity- medium
Aroma- Walnut, apple, Brazil nuts
Use- Alternative brewing, pour-over machines, traditional brewing

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