Brazil Alfenas Dulce 250g


Alfenas Dulce is very popular for its classic chocolate and nutty notes. Thanks to its low caffeine content, it will be great for coffee drinkers who drink coffee in larger quantities.
Brazil Alfenas Dulce is a high-quality medium-short-roasted 100% Arabica. Its taste is classic chocolate broken by a pleasant flavor of nut and roasted sugar. It is ideal for preparing a triple-layer latte macchiato or an afternoon cappuccino. Graceful, subtle, delicious. This is one of those that should taste good to everyone!


Grade: 100% Arabica
Origin: Brazil, Sao Paulo region
Caffeine content: Low
Flavor: Chocolate, nut
Acidity: Low
Brewing method: Espresso machine, café, pour-over
Acidity: low
Taste: notes of chocolate and nuts
Cultivation altitude: 800 - 1350 meters above sea level.

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