Mellis mead 21 years


The oldest mead in our offer
Half Horseradish – often referred to as Royal Honey is produced in the ratio of 1 l of honey to 0.5 l of water. By far the strongest of all types of honey. It is considered the most noble, as it matures the longest ( minimum 8-10 years) and acquires its unique properties. It is seen as a dessert honey, among other things, due to its salutary effect on digestion.

“Mellis” – The oldest half-track in our offer, aged in barrels for more than 21 years, which makes it the noblest of the Meads we offer. It is distinctive in taste and very intense in sensation. Its amber variety is enriched with natural Baltic amber called succinite, whose age is dated at 40-50 million years, making it the oldest in the world. Chunks of amber sunk in this noble beverage release substances that have been considered medicinal for centuries and help with many ailments.

Mellis -Bottle 0.5 L 21 year old

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