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Sesame oil can be used as a natural treatment for many conditions. Its properties are especially beneficial for the cardiovascular system. It’s worth noting that sesame oil can decrease the risk of a heart attack. One of its main benefits is decreasing cholesterol levels, and so it is recommended to those with high cholesterol and triglycerides. Sesame slows down the process of fat tissue forming and prevents issues related to atherosclerosis. Phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin B found in sesame make it an oil amazingly beneficial to our health. Vitamin B lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and phosphorus and magnesium support the normal heartbeat.

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Sesame oil has a very specific, slightly nutty flavor. It’s one of the staple products of Asian cuisine, used in many dishes, both sweet and savoury. Just like other cold-pressed oils, sesame oil is not suitable to use for frying.Sesame oil in cosmetics Sesamol is an active antioxidant that erases free radicals out of the body. Because of hat, sesame oil and cosmetics containing it support the skin’s age defense mechanisms. In addition to this, sesame oil can be used on the hair, too, making them smoother, stronger and more manageable.Fantastic for skin and bones Sesame oil has the same nutritious properties as sesame seeds. It’s packed full of valuable zinc that supports the body to combat cold and flu. Zinc is also essential for collagen production and collagen keeps the skin supple and maintains its elasticity. It is responsible  for bone density and improves memory and concentration. Another substance found in sesame oil is linoleic acid that moisturizes and regenerates the skin.

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