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Camelina oil made out of the Camelina sativa plant is clear and transparent. It has a golden, greenish-golden or reddish-brown colour, depending on the early or late crop in a year. The oil has a specific flavour: slightly spicy, also described as oniony,mustard-seedy or nutty with a hint of bitterness. Camelina oil should be used cold, it is not advised to warm it up. Because of that it is mainly used in salads or drizzled on bread. Thanks to its spicy flavor it is a great add-on to fresh and cooked veg salads, marinaded herring, buckwheat, grits and cottage cheese. It complements dishes with onion and garlic well.


Camelina oil is not very well known in current times, although several dozen years ago it was extremely popular in Poland. It is not often mentioned that it has been a valid element of Polish culinary tradition. It has been forgotten in the middle of the twentieth century, when it has been replaced by rapeseed and sunflower oil. Currently it’s regaining popularity thanks to its unique nutritional values. Cold-pressed camelina oil is a 100% natural product, produced out of the best raw ingredients. Camelina sativa is one of the oldest arable plants we can acquire oil  from. It first appeared in the area of current Poland at least 3000 years ago. The plant grows well in poor soil, sandy or degraded, where other oil crops would be very difficult, if not impossible to grow. Camelina oil is cold-pressed, which helps to retain all of the precious nutrients. The oil isn’trefined at any stage of the production process, has no chemical additives or preservatives.


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